Happy Monday!

This week we’re kicking off something exciting over here at BBOS, authenticity week!

We work really hard to deliver our amazing customers the best bags, in the best condition we can, and one of the most important steps is authenticating the bag to make sure you’re getting the real deal. So all week we will be delivering you little tips and clips of big things to look for when determining if a bag is real or fake.

To start, we’re bringing you this blog post. Our hope is that this can be an ongoing reference point for you when you are deciding on purchasing a bag, or if you’re considering buying a fake bag, why you should splurge for the real deal!

1. Why are fakes so bad?

Great question. Well, for starters, fake bags are connected to the black market. It’s flat out illegal. Now, we love a good bag just as much as the next girl, but personally, we think that breaking the law for a bag isn’t worth it. Why is it illegal? Counterfeit bags infringe on the copyright of the designer and brand. When you purchase one of these bags you are directly supporting these illegal acts. These bags are also typically produced by organized crime and illegal businesses. They may be made by young children in very poor and tough working conditions. When purchasing these bags, you are not just supporting child labor, but also the other crimes these organized crime groups do, such as, human trafficking, and child abuse.

2. Too good to be true!

Is the price just right? That can be a sure sign that you aren’t getting the real thing. Popular bags that are made fraudulent such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel absolutely never go on sale! If the price seems significantly lower than the bag is typically listed for, it probably is too good to be true and you should leave that item in the dust. Luxury bags can be an investment piece for most. If you are lusting over a bag you cannot afford, don’t go for the poorly made bag, instead, spend a few weeks or months saving for the bag and purchase it that way. Or, even better, you can borrow it from us at Bag Borrow or Steal and save some money and also get the bag! Win, win!

3. Do the work.

Research! Look into the bag you want to buy so you know how to spot a fake if you think you may have gotten one. Things that are important, like material. Did you know that not all designer bags are made of leather? Louis Vuitton is coated canvas with leather trim. The hardware of the bag should be heavy, not completely hollow. Another important part, is the lining of the bag. A real, quality handbag company will not use cheap lining. Counterfeiters often are working from a photograph, which makes it difficult to know what the lining is made of. Even the zippers on a real designer bag will be made of the highest quality. If a handbag has a printed logo on it, the company will never put the logo on a seamed area. Watch for things like pockets as well. Know the bag you are buying inside and out (literally), counterfeiters will often skimp on pockets since they are working from photographs. Often times, the little details are what gives it away. Watch for them! Fake bags have things like authenticity cards, price tags, and receipts too. Don’t fall victim to the tricks!

4. What’s that smell?

You may notice a strange smell with a fake handbag. That’s because they will typically have a chemical odor to them. If you open your bag and get a whiff of something funky, that is a sure sign of a fake. Run away.

The bottom line is, don’t purchase a fake. If you accidentally purchase one, we forgive you, but hopefully these tips and the ones to come this week, will be wonderful tools you can reference to avoid purchasing one again in the future. Remember that real is best and do the right thing! If you are hesitant, you can always hit up the BBOS website and purchase a bag from us, or rent a bag from us, and you can rest your heart on the fact that you are getting the real thing.

Happy auth week, everyone!