Sometimes you have to let your inhibitions go and take a walk on the wild side. Fashion isn’t supposed to be serious, it’s about having fun, taking risks and expressing yourself. At least that is what it means to me. So when I look to add new accessories or clothing into my wardrobe, I try to make sure that the piece I am looking into will help bring one of those qualities out.

Last month, I decided to channel my inner youth and give the Fendi Monster bag a try and boy did we have some fun together. I wore it while museum hopping around DC, while running errands and endless other places during our month long stint together. It was surprising how many different ways I could wear this bag, how versatile it was and how many conversations it started. One of my favorites was, “Um, miss, why is your bag looking at me?”.

It’s no wonder why fashion editors, style bloggers and fashionistas around the globe have been spotted toting these playful bags around. They are just way too much fun!

The downside is that these monster bags can come at a frightening price, with price tags ranging from $400- $5300. And what’s even scarier is that they are nearly impossible to get ahold of as many of them sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. That is why I freaked out when I saw that I could borrow this bag for the month. Have a Fendi monster for a month at a fraction of the cost? Sign me up!

Even though we had our fair share of fun together, now it’s time for someone else to take a walk on the wild side. Try renting my little friend or any of the other fun and quirky bags that Bag Borrow or Steal has to offer!

Sarah Phillips, Co-Founder of Fifty-Two Thursdays Blog. Check them out!