Whoever said the inside of a woman’s purse is the window to her soul was totally onto something. Ok, come to think of it, I’m not really sure anyone actually said that. But if they had, I would be agreeing. Every little thing we decide to stuff in our bags and bring with us as we go about our lives shows what’s truly important to us. What we couldn’t live without. Gloves. Obviously I value having warm fingers. Hempz lotion. I get a little scent-gasm every time I put it on. Oh and it also moisturizes so that’s good. My phone… um duh. My entire life is stored in those 64gbs.  Business cards in my little Kate Spade case because you just never know when you’re going to meet someone who wants to follow your blog but has never heard of Instagram as the new business card.

All of these are like our armor and ammunition for a day of battle in the jungle of our lives. Lipgloss included. Three VERY tiny lipglosses because I have not earned the right to carry full-sizers around anymore. Once I go three weeks without losing one of these Bare Essentials babies (valued at about $2.50), I can graduate to a probation period of carrying around a Mac lipgloss (valued at $15). If I can keep that in my possession for a couple weeks I’ll maybe allow myself to bring a NARS with me around town (valued at $26). You see?

I kept a few notable things out of the picture… because obviously bobby pins, old parking receipts, and pocket lint would have wrecked the clean vibe.  Equally unphotographable in this particular shot but very valuable to my daily life and always in my purse… my iphone battery pack (a “mycharge”), an iphone charging cord, earbuds, dentyne ice gum, hand sanitizer, a tiny pack of floss, and mouthwash.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your tour de Lindsey’s BBOS Prada. What’s in YOUR bag? Seriously. What am I not carrying around that I should definitely be. Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter or Instagram!

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