Balenciaga | Bag Borrow Stealtruelane | Bag Charms on BBOS

Bag charms have been making waves across the Internet for a few months now. I personally love them, especially when it comes to designer bags! Specific designer styles tend to have 15 minutes of fame where everyone everywhere is carrying one: think the Celine Luggage, the Chloe Drew, or the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli. When your’e carrying the same bag as everyone else, bag charms are a fun way to keep your designer gem individual and unique to you. It’s bound to catch a few more glances with an accessory or two!

I decorated this Balenciaga Mini Papier with a faux-fur fuzzy keychain to add a cozy winter touch during my holiday travels. I love how much more it stands out!

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Chelsea Lankford of Truelane is a writer and style blogger based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Check her out!