Almost everyone I know is headed home for the holidays within the next few weeks, and that means it’s time to start packing! It’s always a battle seeing how much I can cram into a carry-on, because I like to avoid the extra checked bag fee anytime I can. At the same time, I don’t like to have too much going on with my purse. I want to be able to find my boarding pass + ID easily; no one wants to be the slow person in line! I’ve narrowed down my travel basics to the following few essentials, which fit perfectly into my medium Chanel boy bag:

Number one, sunglasses. It’s crazy how sunny it gets above the clouds, but I like to keep my window open for the view, so I’m never without them. I carry a travel wallet from Coach that fits all of my most important cards and keeps my boarding pass from crumpling. I also carry a little bag of hair ties, because my hair thick hair tends to tangle and get in the way in cramped airline seating. Next, I have a pair of headphones to enjoy my favorite new albums or podcasts to pass the time quickly (or a Gilmore Girls or Just Shoot Me marathon if my laptop is handy)! Finally, my top two in-flight beauty essentials: hydrating lip balm, and the best under-eye concealer money can buy. No one wants to look as tired as they feel walking off the jetway!

What are your travel bag essentials?

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