It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays … with events quickly filling up our calendars as we slowly watch our sanity slip away. It’s hard to say no to all the invites especially when each event has a special connection to you. Whether it may be your holiday work event or your yearly family gathering. From the most causal get together with close friends to the fanciest gala in town, there is always one way or another to celebrate this time of year. We can’t forget all the charity events that are always for a good cause and fun to support anyway that we can. The list can go on and on.





As the years pass we all become more and more involved with social media. It’s amazing how fast it has grown throughout the years. We cherish any way to stay connected and in touch with friends and family as our lives can be so busy. It’s definitely a convenient way of continuing relationships that you don’t want to lose but don’t always have the time to connect. The small problem with social media during the holidays is that you can never wear the same outfit in one month for the world to see! Such an annoying dilemma, I know. Never something I thought I would have to worry about 10 years ago. However, no one will comment on you wearing the same bag, in fact let the comments flow in once you post this pretty boy … the Chanel Boy Bag.

This Chanel Lambskin Studded Boy Brick Flap Bag has me covered all season long. The size is perfect to be worn as a clutch for a formal event or slung over the shoulder to pull together any holiday attire. I may have to work on my outfit lineup but at least this Chanel Boy bag has my back for every event on my calendar this season. It doesn’t matter how many appearances it makes on my Facebook page or Instagram feed, I’m proud to rock this bag for every look.



Featuring: The Chanel Lambskin Studded Boy Brick Flap Bag SKU: 78111

Michelle Martin, Co-Founder of Fifty-Two Thursdays Blog. Check them out!