Owning a Chanel bag is a far-fetched dream to many women. Some may even compare it to a man lusting over a Ferrari or a Lamborghini for most of their lives. Owning one of these status symbols used to be looked upon as a sign that you have made it in life, that you were financially stable enough to purchase frivolous/expensive things. But times have changed and luckily we don’t have to save our entire lives to carry the bag that we all covet so much. Thanks to Bag Borrow or Steal, you not only can purchase a pre-owned Chanel bag at a reasonable price but you can also rent a different Chanel (or other designer handbag) each and every month for a fraction of the cost of owning.


Of course Chanel bags are extremely well known for their infamous C’s that are perfectly placed on the front of each bag but these gorgeous bags are about more than just their fancy label. They are more of a work of art, each bag is extremely well made with precision and style that is unlike anything else out there. Since Chanel’s prices have been increasing on an average of 15% each year, sounds like they are an investment piece after all. But like anything, I would only suggest purchasing a luxury good like this only if you absolutely love it and see yourself still wearing it 10+ years down the line. Chanel’s bags are high priced but they are also high quality and are made to last. If well cared for, you should have this bag long enough to pass down to your daughter one day.


Don’t have your mind totally made up yet? Rent one for a month to see how you like it and if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye when you go to send it back, then maybe that isn’t the bag for you. But of course there are many other options out there to try, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find “the one” on your first rental. You might just enjoy having a new purse each month and bagging the commitment of owning all together!


Sarah Phillips, Co-Founder of Fifty-Two Thursdays Blog. Check them out!