As I assume most girls are, I have been the classic case of an over-packer for as long as I can remember.  Packing for family beach trips meant bringing more bathing suits than days we were on vacation and sometimes even a separate suitcase for shoes.  As my style has evolved and I’ve really become comfortable and confident with my own personal style, the need to pack less (and own less, for that matter) has thankfully taken charge.  Case and point: I recently took a trip to Key West and was able to settle on one small crossbody to take me from the airport, to the beach and then out for drinks on Duval St.






I think it’s most important to pick something neutral.  If you’re planning to wear a lot of bold colors, like bright white or bold reds and blues, a black bag and gold hardware would be best.  I was bringing dresses in rompers in more softer hues so I went with something light with silver hardware.




I try to make it a point to also minimize what I carry around with me while on vacation.  The last thing I want to do is lug around unnecessary weight. This Mini Chanel Boy Bag may be mini but held all of the essentials; credit card, ID, iPhone, lipgloss, and a hair-tie.  I also always make sure to bring a bag that has a secure closure to keep my personal belongings safe while I’m in an unfamiliar area.  You can never be too safe and your ID is your most important belonging when you go to order your frozen margarita for breakfast, (because, vacation).


Thanks for reading! xx, Natalie

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