Why I love Rock N’ Roll… it has a huge influence on today’s music and it still gets my foot to tapping. I may not be shooting whisky and riding off on a harley but I would consider my attitude and dress to be “a little bit Rock N’ Roll”. I love music that has spirit and a wardrobe that makes a statement. That doesn’t mean you should be wearing Beyonce attire on the runway, but something that you feel comfortable and confident in while bringing out your personality.

Gucci Disco Bag

My preferred choice of dress is a casual tee, relaxed jeans and some simple sneaks. It’s just too comfortable not to wear on repeat in my daily life. But because of this I need a fun bag to elevate my look, this Gucci Disco bag is everything. It’s a cross body with tassles, adjustable straps and is the ultimate easy going, comfy bag. Let’s just say the bag and I are a perfect match.

And when I think of the ultimate pop of color, I think of red. But just a suttle touch of red… it’s that perfect shade of red lipstick that gives you the extra boost of confidence, those killer red pumps that make you feel like your strutting down the runway, and then… this bag. Red just gives off a fun, flirty, confident vibe and this bag makes you want to rock that every day.

Throw it on with a plain white tee, boyfriend jeans and some cool kicks or take it out at night, as a clutch, with your favorite body con dress. This bag has the perfect balance between that luxury one may crave and the convenient reality you need in your life.


Gucci Bag Borrow or Steal

Bag Borrow or Steal

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