The bucket bag craze has come and gone from the fashion scene for years, but it’s back again and this time in full force. I have scoured the internet searching for the perfect style bag. I knew I had found my summer crush when I stumbled upon this Chloe Emma bucket bag right here on Bag Borrow or Steal.

I call it my blue crush. This minimalistic bag with elegant hardware adds the perfect finishing touch to any look. Bucket bags are usually worn casually for their simplicity, but this Chloe Emma bag’s elegance brings another element to the table, making it so much more versatile.

As soon as I got my hands on this beauty I had to show the world. It’s nickname is all the more fitting now that I live in LA where the blue seas are in arm’s reach and a casual lifestyle is a little more acceptable. I have welcomed this informal, care free style of dressing with open arms, but of course, I still love the opportunity to dress up from time to time. Naturally, this bag received high marks from me because I absolutely love the flexibility that this bag provides. It easily complements both my casual, more relaxed outfits as well as the occasional dressed-up ensemble.





Can you see why I’m crushin’ so hard on the Chloe Emma bucket bag? The question now is to continue to borrow or steal this beauty as my own?!



Michelle Martin, Co-Founder of Fifty-Two Thursdays Blog. Check them out!