Many people wouldn’t know this about me, but I am a bit of a cowgirl at heart. From discovering country music in high school and roping a cowboy of my own in college, the rural lifestyle has certainly had an impact on my life and my style. So even though I didn’t grow up on a cattle ranch, and the boots I wore around our small equestrian farm were a bit preppier than the ones I rock now, I still feel a strong connection to the country. And from time to time you will see that reflected in my style.


Even though I live in the city now, where I have to dress up for events and blog photos, I still feel my best when I’m in a pair of ripped jeans and my boots. And just because I like to dress with a western flair from time to time, that doesn’t mean I have to totally give up my love for designer handbags. No way!  I love pairing a simple outfit with a brightly colored bag that makes a total statement in and of itself, like my favorite new Gucci Disco Bag that I am currently borrowing from Bag Borrow or Steal. Its easy, feels natural and allows me to feel like I’m being true to myself, no matter what the occasion.


Finding your own sense of style can be difficult and can take years to iron out. My style has been forever evolving but finally, in my early 30s, I feel comfortable with my style. And although many things have changed in my wardrobe over the years, there are a few things that always remain steady. Great designer handbags being one of them, they never go out of style and always help pull a simple look together. And with my new found love for Bag Borrow or Steal, I am able to switch up my statement bag monthly, all at a fraction of the cost.


I have found that blending my two worlds together, on my own terms, really helped me find my own personal style and that’s the kind of mixing that I think everyone should look for when finding their own personal style.  Because when you feel true to yourself and comfortable in your own clothes and skin, nothing could be more sexy.



Sarah Phillips, Co-Founder of Fifty-Two Thursdays Blog. Check them out!