We are daydreaming at work about palm trees rustling in the wind, smoothie in hand, warm sunshine on our face. We feel like we’re already on break… but then the copy machine beeps, the phone rings, and we remember that there’s one major obstacle still between us and our glorious vacation… packing. Often the most dreaded part of the travel process, we are going to help turn it into your easiest task. With these 7 vacation must-haves, you really can’t go wrong and you’ll be on your way to sunnier days in no time.

  1. Stripes: A chic basic, I usually pack at least 2-3 striped items. It’s a print that anyone at any age or with any body type can wear. This Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress is easy breezy and extra flattering with the tie at the waist.
  2. White Shorts: It doesn’t get a whole lot more Jackie Onassis Kennedy than these pleated white shorts. A crisp and fresh look, these shorts are ready to hit Palm Beach.
  3. Bright Colors: If one was to check out my pack job for a spring break trip, it could basically be described as a rainbow in a suitcase. If I’m headed to the tropics, I’ll definitely be sporting an array of bright clothes to match the summery surroundings.
  4. Designer Statement Bag: This is an absolute staple for our spring break vacations. Swap out your basic designer handbag for a statement bag, with a bright color or a bold silhouette. This Saint Laurent Tote is just perfect for a voyage to warm weather!
  5. Go-to boat shoes: The best boat shoes are the ones that have adventured right along with us from yachting to hiking to walks on the beach.
  6. Nautical accessories: Add a rope necklace or bracelet to your outfit for just the right touch of style. It’s casual, more comfortable than a metal, and all sorts of preppy. A straw hat is another spring break must-have.
  7. Florals: Almost a no-brainer, this print is an absolute must for a spring break trip. Wear it in a skirt, a top, or accessories for a feminine, beachy look.


Now that you’ve got your packing all figured out, it’s back to daydreaming about sunny days and blue waters until you jetset outta here.

(beach photo via megan mack)