This past February love was in the air at the Chicago Auto Show. As most Chicagoans know, their buzzing metropolis is the heartbeat of the Midwest. With designer boutiques and department stores featured on streets like Michigan Ave, they earn the label as one of the chicest cities in the nation. Donald Trump and Oprah can tell you it’s the definition of elegance and luxury.

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Museums, Michelin star restaurants and high fashion surround Chicago. From cuisine to skyscrapers this city has it all. It is no surprise that Chicago brings in one of the largest car shows in North America, inviting the elite to experience the latest trends of what automobiles have to offer.

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Over the past few years I have witnessed that the auto show is place where you can find people carrying designer accessories. Women and men were fashioning coveted brands from Chanel, Alexander Wang, to Michael Kors. These designer accessories stole the show.

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Keep dressing the nines, America!

Christina Brickner
Bag Borrow or Steal Buying Specialist