Art is a celebration of life and culture, of the way things are and they way they could be. It’s the perfect time to experiment with style. The silhouette of this orange dress is innovative with the cinched waist and trapeze cropped top of it. Paired with the mulberry-toned Louis Vuitton handbag, it’s a fresh and unique color combination. When there are two solids in an outfit, I like to incorporate a print also. It has a way of marrying the colors together. Another way of bringing cohesion to a more avante garde outfit is incorporating jewelry that speaks to each other. The gold tone of the necklace and bracelet do just that. Also, the shape of the pendant on the earrings and necklace have a similar vibe. All of this brings this outfit together to make it perfect for an art gallery opening.

Shop this Outfit:
Mulberry Handbag: Louis Vuitton via Bag Borrow or Steal
Black Earrings: Forever 21

Orange Dress: Revolve Clothing
Gold and Crystal Necklace: Forever 21
Gold Bangles: Forever 21
Grid Wedge Shoes: Kate Spade

NYC photo via New York Habitat Blog