As the type of person who can rearrange their closet day after day, there’s nothing I love more than finding new innovative ways to showcase my personal collection. As a fashion buyer, who gets to visit a countless number of closets on a daily basis, I am always introduced to new ways to display accessories. Your items no longer need to be locked up inside a closet, but you can display them throughout a room without looking cluttered, but by allowing them to become a part of your furniture.

I’ve put together some of my favorite images, found on Pinterest, to give you some great ideas! Who would have ever thought of using a hanger to display sunglasses, a bench to house shoes, coat hooks to display handbags and an old antique drawer to house jewelry!
And don’t forget; if you have too many accessories and you’re ready to part with some, you can reach me at and I can help you edit your selection to make just enough room to showcase your items beautifully!