We recently raided the closet of Lynda Yost and we had an amazing time doing so. Lynda is known for her extensive collection of luxury pieces. Mostly from Moschino, it’s safe to say that we went for the accessories but stayed for the personality.

We got a chance to get to know Lynda and thus have compiled our list of things we love about her.

  1. Business Woman – She ran three major companies, that’s one savvy business woman.
  2. Style Icon – Originally from Iowa Lynda grew up Amish but lead her own style revolution by transforming her wardrobe.
  3. Brand Loyal – She started her collection in 1984 and stopped in 1995 when Moschino’s director passed away.
  4. Style Council – To continue her collection, Lynda worked with personal stylists that helped her get the pieces that fit her style.
  5. Loves to share – She continues to lend her pieces to museums as well as selling her pieces for others to enjoy.

Her collection has been featured at the MET and now you can find them at Bag Borrow or Steal. Her collection launches at bagborroworsteal.com next week!